Troy UK

We’ve been working with Troy UK since 2021, and have built them a brand new reporting infrastructure which continues to grow and evolve.

The main challenge that Troy were facing when we first spoke was that they had data from multiple source systems that they were looking to combine into group level reports.  They had several businesses as part of the group that were using different finance and ERP systems and they weren’t sure how best to combine the data.  At that point there was some level of reporting available direct from the source systems but the only way of generating overviews for the group was to bring the data into Excel and stitch it together manually, which was only feasible for some areas of the business and wasn’t a long term solution.

We’ve since built central reporting models combining the data from the various source systems via an automated overnight process.  We’ve then built rich and intuitive reports on top of the data. As the Troy group has continued to grow we’ve also been adding the data for the newly acquired businesses into the reports.  We’ve also been building new and enhanced reports, and we’ve been adding in new sources of data such as CRMs and cleansed product data.

So far, we’ve built reports for finance (purchase ledger, sales ledger, credit control), stock control, sales, and purchasing, as well as dashboards that show the Troy Group members and associated suppliers their own sales and purchases.

ClientThe Car Rental Co
SkillsPhotography / Media Production

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