2018 (8 months)

  • Joined an existing team building a new data warehouse, bringing the data from Jobsite and Total Jobs together for the first time. The DW was built within Amazon Redshift and ELT packages were built in SSIS to load the DW via Amazon S3.
  • Implemented multi-threading using parent and child packages within SSIS to ensure performance and efficiency was optimised for the load of JSON data from an external API. The multi-threading was configurable via parameters in the parent package allowing the between one and eight calls to be made to the API in parallel.
  • Pulled job location data from different sources, combining them into one consistent version, and publishing to a new fully de-normalised location dimension.
  • Tools used: SQL Server 2014/16, TSQL, SSIS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, C#, Json, Oracle, Scrum, GIT, Team City, Octopus, Confluence