Condor Ferries

2015 –2016 (10 months)

  • Delivered complex SSIS packages to manipulate, cleanse, and enrich existing customer and booking data for migration to a new reservation system. Oracle source data was transformed and output as flat files (CSV) for transfer to the new solution.
  • Built an ETL mechanism that downloaded zip files from an FTP server, and data from sixteen different flat files from within the zip file were correlated and consumed. The new mechanism reduced DW loading time from three hours to five minutes.
  • Designed and developed a replacement data warehouse using a snowflake schema. Gave clear evidence that the new reporting solution was not only more accurate than the system it was replacing, but also significantly faster, reducing comparative querying times from tens of minutes to seconds.
  • Built SSIS packages to consume and enrich point of sale data which was loaded into a new retail specific data warehouse.
  • Tools used: SQL Server 2012, TSQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, C#, TFS 2012, Oracle