Advanced Resource Managers

2016 – 2017 (15 months)

  • Led the delivery of a new data warehouse and ETL mechanism. Star and snowflake schemas were built to serve finance, operations, compliance, and management requirements, making querying simpler, faster, and more intuitive than the previously implemented solution.
  • Implemented security control within new SSRS reports and dashboards using security information held within the data warehouse. This allowed group managers to see data for multiple teams, team managers to see data for their own team, and consultants to only see their own data. This also allowed one report to show different information, logos, styling, and layouts for different users.
  • Used C# script components within SSIS packages to make API calls using oAuth for authentication. Loading data into a 3rd party pay and bill system.
  • Built SSIS packages to load CSVs containing timesheets in different formats and with differing rules into the the pay and bill system. The mechanism replaced the manual entry of hundreds of timesheets per month.
  • Took on the role of Scrum Master, and performed on-the-job training for a junior member of the team on the fundamentals of SQL Server, TSQL, SSRS, and SSIS with a focus on understanding and maintaining the solution that had been delivered.
  • Tools used: SQL Server 2014, TSQL, SSIS, SSRS, C#, TFS 2013, Scrum, Mentoring, oAuth